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August 2017

Simon vs. Simon

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Two men, both by the name of Simon, found themselves in the city of Samaria in the midst of a great revival.  One Simon was a native to the city and had quite a reputation as a magician who performed great deeds. The other Simon was a fisherman from Galilee who had seen his teacher do great deeds and had through His power had done some pretty incredible miracles as well.

October 2016

Christian Meekness, Where Have You Gone?

By |2018-07-28T18:26:55+00:00October 10th, 2016|Christian Living, Gospel, Holiness|

I love the subject of meekness, and how it slow closely ties with wisdom. The honest truth is that not many people have meekness. With recent rises in racial tension, election season hysteria, and the phenomenon of social media where everyone verbalizes (via text, so without being able to perceive the heart or emotions behind the opinion) their deepest frustrations and anger, we believers need to model meekness more now than ever.

January 2016

What The Bible Says About Children

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I have one main objective, to convince each heart that children are a blessing from God. In hopes that once we have a clear vision about the eternal value of a child, we’ll raise them in such a way as to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth. I could easily fill 45 minutes with all the reasons I like children and think they are a blessing.