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Why Discipleship Group?

Discipleship groups “Gather to Grow”

  • Groups of 2-3 people, ideally comprised of people from your City Group, but can also be people from work, in your family, even someone who has yet to cross the line of faith.
  • These groups get together in the Scriptures, talk about real applications of the Bible to daily life, pray with and support one another, confess sin and weakness, and grow one another.
  • Here faithful Saints are polished and prepared inwardly for mission and ministry.
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We encourage these meetings to involve SOAPing together

What is SOAP? Find out here

What is a Disciple?

We rarely arrive at a target or goal that we can’t define – This is what we believe a Disciple what we aspire to produce.

Want to get involved in a Discipleship Group?

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