Life Hacks (Jesus version): Bible, part 1

//Life Hacks (Jesus version): Bible, part 1

Life Hacks (Jesus version): Bible, part 1

The New Year is right around the corner, and if you are a good American, you can’t help but make resolutions to “improve” yourself and your life this upcoming year.  As a follower of Jesus, there’s always one resolution that every good, church-going believer makes: to read the Bible more.  We can’t help it.  Most of us would agree that we need to improve our daily communion with God.  And apart from prayer, there’s no greater way to improve our daily communion than to ingest more Bible into our hearts and minds.

Personally, I believe that one of the greatest barriers to seeing a movement of God in our community is that most followers of Jesus don’t hear from God enough.  The primary way that most Christians receive God’s revelation is a 30 minute, second-hand teaching from God’s Word, once a week on Sunday mornings.  Our churches and our communities would look far different in every believer’s primary means of receiving God’s truth was a personal encounter with God through His Word on a regular basis.

So how do we improve on ingesting more of God’s Word?  Here’s one simple tool that I believe can help you immensely.  It’s a journaling Bible.  As you know, we’ve talked a lot about SOAPing (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer) as a wonderful way to read, remember, and apply the Bible to daily life.  If you are unfamiliar with SOAPing, you can find our more about it here: What is SOAP

What I love about my journaling Bible is that I don’t have to worry about another notebook to journal my thoughts.  It also gives me a simple goal: to SOAP through every page of Scripture.  Now this may take me a couple years, but my goal for 2016 was to SOAP on 365 pages.  I didn’t hit that mark, but I’ll finish with about 350 pages of Scripture that I SOAPed through in 2016.  I believe we all need simple and tangible goals that will help drive us to God’s Word every day.  It may take me up to 4 years, but my own personal goal is to SOAP through the entire Bible.  Imagine the legacy of leaving a Bible to your family that you journaled or SOAPed through!

Here’s a quick peak in how I SOAP through the Bible.

SOAP Sample

If you are interested in getting a journaling Bible, there’s a great website that has them for 50% off for the next week.  You can find them here: here

May we be a church that hears from God on a regular basis from His Word!

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