Life Hacks (Jesus version): The Bible, part 2

//Life Hacks (Jesus version): The Bible, part 2

Life Hacks (Jesus version): The Bible, part 2

When it comes to reading the Bible, we would all agree that we need to do more of it.  Establishing a regular time every day when we read and meditate on God’s Word is vital to our spiritual health.  Yet there are times when our days don’t work out the way that we had planned them.  I know one of the biggest excuses we all tend to use when it comes to the lack of engagement with God’s Word is the time issue.

Yet with today’s technology, there are a myriad of ways to take in the Bible that we didn’t previously have.  One of those ways is through our smart phones.  There are two great apps that I love using on my smart phone and tablet.  One is the ESV Bible app and the other is the You Version Bible app.  The ESV Bible app is pretty simple, while the You Version Bible app has scores of Bible reading schedules and versions as well as other tools to read, study, and enjoy God’s Word.

The one great benefit that both of these apps have is a listening option.  What this means is that if there’s ever a day that you don’t have the opportunity to sit down and read, you can always listen to the Bible read.  I used this a couple of days last year when I was driving long distances.  I simply opened my app, pressed the listening option and took in about 30 minutes of the Bible.

So whether you are commuting to work, working out at the gym, or waiting in a lobby, make the most of the time you have to hear and meditate on God’s Word.

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