August 2017

Simon vs. Simon

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Two men, both by the name of Simon, found themselves in the city of Samaria in the midst of a great revival.  One Simon was a native to the city and had quite a reputation as a magician who performed great deeds. The other Simon was a fisherman from Galilee who had seen his teacher do great deeds and had through His power had done some pretty incredible miracles as well.

What Dunkirk reminded me about discipleship

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Christopher Nolan, the director of Dunkirk, does a masterful job of intertwining the composite narratives of the characters into a message about heroism. I believe that He is attempting to share a message that being a hero in difficult times looks different for every person.

January 2017

December 2016

Life Hacks (Jesus version): Bible, part 1

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The New Year is right around the corner, and if you are a good American, you can't help but make resolutions to "improve" yourself and your life this upcoming year.  As a follower of Jesus, there's always one resolution that every good, church-going believer makes: to read the Bible more.

Life Hacks (Jesus Version) – Prayer, Part 2

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A couple weeks ago I began a blog series on Christian life hacks.  I believe that for many of us there can be a disconnect between what we know (or how we should be living) and our heart (or how we actually live).  Last time I mentioned a simple way to grow one’s prayer life.

Life Hacks (Jesus Version) – Prayer, Part 1

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I honestly don't know when are where the term "life hack" came into being, but I do know that it is widely used today in our society.  If you are unfamiliar with what a life hack is, it's basically "a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way."

Christians, the Election, and Social Media Ranting – The Art of Burning Down the Harvest

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It’s been an interesting year to say the least. I’m glad the election is over, it seems that with every four years the choosing of a new president all but literally rips the country in two. The last couple months have been filled with commentary, news, bias on all sides, lies, truth, division, name calling, posturing, you name it, we’ve seen it.

October 2016

Give Me That Old Time Religion

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The Church is perfect, because Christ has made her perfect. But, the local church functionally? I would be the first to admit there is no such thing as a perfect local church, because there is no such thing as perfect people or leaders.