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Resting Prayer

This playlist is designed to give you opportunity to practice resting prayer, or sometimes called soaking worship. It is a time where we simply rest in the presence of God. We do not ask for anything, or worship with our words. We simply rest from our labor, our striving, and our work to be with Him. In this we are reminded of the truth that we are fully loved not for what we do, what we have, or what others say about us. We are loved by our Heavenly Father simply because He loves us. 


It is encouraged that when you sit down to practice resting prayer, that you bring a notepad with you. Recognize that as our minds slow down, the Lord will remind us of things we might need to do later. Write those ideas down as they come to you and then go right back to resting. 


You may experience boredom during this, that's totally fine. You may also accidentally fall asleep, this is also fine. No father ever got mad at their child for falling asleep in his arms. Lean into the silence, lean into the solitude. Be still, and know Him.

Worship Playlist

This playlist is designed to aid you in your times of worship.  Worship in the book of Isaiah is described like a coat. It may not change the weather around us, but it certainly changes the way we experience it. Worship helps to refine us, and reflect the very image us Jesus. Shuffle this playlist, or listen to songs again and again until worship erupts from your inner-man.  Let us make the adoration of our father be a priority over these 21 days and beyond. 

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