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What are groups?

At Church at Denver, Groups are our small group structure and corporate vehicle for community and discipleship. Groups are a time where we sacrifice our time to gather together in community.

Our Core Values:

  Our group structure is designed to facilitate community and Godly fellowship. Our core values are

Fellowship- breaking bread together in the spirit of community and fellowship

Authenticity- Coming together with a desire to be intimate and honest about where we are

Stories- Sharing how God is working and our need for His working in our lives

Truth- The source and purpose of it all is the Gospel

Our groups are “passion-focused.”

“Passion-focused” simply means group leaders are free to use their gifts and interests to determine when and where their group meets and what they focus on each semester. For example, a group could be centered on people who like biking, or it could be as simple as a coffee break in the middle of the day to discuss the bible.  Our groups can be as varied and different as we all are.


Life flows in seasons, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to be in the right group for you each of those seasons. This is why we structure  Groups into three semesters each year that start and stop with the natural flow of the seasons. Not only does this format give leaders and members periods of rest, but it helps new group members feel comfortable coming to a group for the first time.


Everyone can join a group! Anyone who wants to come is welcome, even if they don’t go to Church at Denver.  Our hope is for every person at church to be connected in a group every semester their schedule allows. With a variety of groups and topics to choose from, there is a  group for everyone.


Anyone can lead/host a group. We believe everyone has areas of strength and gifting that can bless others, and hosting a group is a great way to make a difference for the kingdom of God. The first step toward becoming a  Group leader is to attend Leader Training.

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