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Men's & Women's Ministry

Our church's vibrant Men's and Women's Ministries are dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, community, and support. 

Whether you're seeking guidance, friendship, or simply a sense of belonging, our Men's and Women's Ministries are here to welcome you with open arms. Join us as we pursue God's purpose for our lives and support one another on the incredible journey of faith.

Image by Tim Marshall

Men's Schedule

Our Men's Ministry convenes on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm for our monthly gathering. It's an opportunity to engage in fellowship, delve into the teachings of God's word, and join in collective prayer. If you're seeking to connect with other men and cultivate meaningful relationships, this is the ideal setting to do just that!


Our Women's Ministry, Woven, gathers on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm for our monthly assembly. It's a time for meaningful fellowship, diving into the wisdom of God's word, and sharing in prayer together. If you're eager to connect with other women and foster new relationships, this is an ideal opportunity to do so!

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